Tuesday, May 24, 2016

ENTs, swim lessons and cloth diapers

A few final moments from the month of August include a trip to the ENT for all of the kids.  The kids each had speech/language evaluations.  Being an Audiologist, I wanted to check out their skills to make sure everyone was doing ok.  For the most part, everyone was ok, but it was recommended that they see an ENT for high palates and to make sure their 'airways' were open based on some of the findings of the speech eval.  I went to Coastal ENT - where a colleague of mine used to work.  They have great ENTs and great Audiologists.  Everything was fine - but the one child that I had the least amount of concern about - little Tony - ended up having an ear infection!  This is a picture of them waiting in the waiting room!

In August, the kids also started swim lessons.  It was through a service that rents out the pools at local hotels.  I tried getting to most of the lessons, but it was right after work and it took a while to get there.  I didn't think alot about the first teacher, until they had a substitute for the next two classes.  The second teacher was so much better with the kids, but after those two classes, their lessons were over.  We actually signed up for lessons again, but this time it was a completely different teacher at a different hotel.  This teacher they had the longest amount of time, but I didn't care for her because I felt she only yelled at the kids - I know they're young and don't have a great attention span, but I felt she didn't know how to work with younger kids that well.  We signed up for a third session and most of those teachers were good, but each teacher seemed to only last about 2-3 classes and then they were gone for some reason or another.  Olivia is actually quite a good swimmer and Amelia and Tony - they try, but just aren't as big or strong as Olivia.  This is a picture from our dinner out after swim lessons - our favorite ended up being Olive Garden - we had the same waitress a few times who was great with the kids.
Finally, I decided to try and sell off the cloth diapers that we used with the kids.  I was able to find two different facebook groups just the Best Bottom - the brand we used.  People buying and selling covers and inserts, etc.  What I didn't realize is how much people spend on cloth diapers.  Let me explain - the Best Bottom brand (after we were all done with cloth) started coming out with 'limited edition' covers.  Usually for holiday - really cute covers, but limited meant limited and people were searching far and wide and willing to spend over $100 for a cover that someone else's kid literally pooped and pee'd in/on.  I don't get it, but to each their own.  I was able to sell all of the covers and inserts for a few bucks a piece.  We ended up making back a few hundred dollars.  Not too bad for some used diapers!

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