Sunday, September 30, 2012

Thinking back (again)

I've been recalling things from my pregnancy - some good and some bad, but wanted to get some of them out before I really completely forget. 
One time when I was probably at least 28 weeks pregnant, I had gone to the post office and as I waddled up to the counter to do whatever business I needed to, one of the workers asked me when I was due and if I knew what I was having.  Of course that was a loaded question, but another of of the ladies there said "I think she's having a boy based on the way she's carrying...".  I replied back - you're 1/3 correct.  The woman looked back at me a bit puzzled and then looked at the other woman - who said - you're having... triplets?  That has to be my favorite!

I realize that I never finished the story of how and when I got put out of work and the scary events that occurred following.  I left off last time (back in April) which was actually referred to the beginning of May of 2011 when I had some bleeding and a significant decrease in my cervical length and almost spent the night in the hospital, but they ended up sending me home around 11pm after I hadn't eaten since lunch time that day.  Truth be told, I had eaten something else and it's funny that I specifically remember this, but it was a day that the hospital was having an 'ice cream social' and they gave out free ice cream to all employees with any and all toppings you could want!  This would have been around 2-3pm in the afternoon and I remember walking over to the cafeteria with Karen V. to get ice cream and even recall that I took the stairs - which meant that I was feeling good - feeling fine!  So I went home and tried not to worry too much about what laid ahead. 
I don't remember it was exactly the next day that I went back to the doctor, but I know I did NOT get to see Dr. Rosen.  I saw the Dr. that I ended up really not liking because of how he treated me/broke me the potential bad news.  I'm pretty sure I had an ultrasound done - nothing indepth, but I know they checked my cervical length again and it was NOT good.  It had shortened quite a bit in a short amount of time.  I was really going to be out of work til the end.  This was right around the time that my family had planned a 'family vacation' to Myrtle Beach.  Tony & I were going to drive down ( I think) and meet my mom and day, sisters and their families there.  I had told the Dr. this and during his examination and explanation of what was going on, he advised me that I should not be going away/out of town.  The reality of the situation was also that I may lose my babies if my cervix continued to shorten and because I was only around 22 weeks, the babies would not have survived.  I started to cry - and kept crying, uncontrollably.  I excused myself to use the bathroom, came back, got re-dressed, called Tony who was at work at the time and cried to him.  I'm not even sure he could understand what I was saying, but I know he told me to stay there and he was leaving work early to come and get me because I was in no position to drive.  I remember asking if I could stay in that exam room, but the Dr. told me no, they needed the room for other patients.  I tried to pull myself together and walked up to the front of the office.  I peered out into the waiting room and saw so many people - so many people that I did not want to cry my eyes out in front of so I asked if the old Executive Health suite was still open and if I could go in there.  The person at the front desk realized I was really upset and escorted me to a room and said that I could sit in there until Tony arrived.  This was the same room I sat in with the genetic counselor just a few months back to help decide if we should go through with reduction and/or the CVS testing in general.  Funny the things you remember - but I thought it was great that there was a big box of tissues and I think I went through about half the box.  I talked to Tony some more and remember saying something about taking the minivan back - as we had just bought it and if I was going to lose the babies, we didn't need the van.  I was a wreck.  I also talked to Dr. Rosen on the phone - I honestly don't remember what we talked about other than what had happened at the appointment, but I know he helped me feel a little better about the situation. 
Time for bed now - I'll keep going with this soon as I need to get into my hospital stay @ week 25 and my experience with magnesium sulfate!

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

The other day

Gone are the days of leaving the babies in 'baby jail' (the baby containment octagon).  They do not like to be in there for very long and really hope they don't spend alot of time in there when I'm not home.  They would much rather roam around the house - but you have to be really watching them to make sure they're not getting into trouble.  Even when you think you've picked up everything, they find something else!  So the other day I made some room so they could get over to the toy bin rack.  It was interesting to see how each of them approached the area.  Amelia and Olivia got there first and Amelia immediately grabbed this stuffed dog and walked away.  

Tony came over and grabbed this small book and proceeded to sit down to have a better look at it.
Olivia really stood there a long time and finally picked up this teether...

until... the book her brother had looked enticing - so she went over and took it from him.   He promptly went back over to the bins and retrieved another book.  Meanwhile, Amelia is growing tired of the stuffed dog so she went back over and grabbed some balls.
It's so fun to watch them play!  Grandma Cz got them a gift over the weekend as well.  While they were over at her house last weekend, she noticed that they all really seemed to like the huge stuffed dog they have.  She couldn't find another dog, but the bear would be very similar.  They all love to just throw themselves onto it and bury their faces in the soft bear fur!

So cute!  So sweet!

Friday, September 21, 2012

Don't mind me...

Tonight I had asked Tony to put some music on the tv instead of having another episode of "The King of Queens" while the babies had their dinner.  He of course found something he knew I wouldn't necessarily like, but Olivia sure did!  It's a little long, but just when you think she's stopped dancing, she starts up again - so I just couldn't bring myself to cut it down.  You can hear the song in the background - if you can listen through me cracking up and egging them on to keep moving.  So don't mind me and enjoy my little movers and shakers!

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Back to life, back to reality

Tony has been literally begging to go to Atlantic City so a while back I booked a room.  At first I was going to stay home with the babies and let him go to relax and chill out, but in the end he wanted me to come and asked his parents to watch the kids.  They agreed so we prepared our 'list' of everything we'd need to send with them for their stay.  I started with packing up some clothes for them along with disposable diapers and wipes.  I know they prefer the 'sposies' to the cloth diapers we normally use and that's fine.  I totally understand.  We then got started on their menu.  We prepped a breakfast, lunch and dinner and a snack.  Breakfast consisted of eggs, pancakes, yogurt, and banana.   Lunch consisted of chicken, carrots and noodles along with some grapes and cheese.  Dinner was steak, carrots and noodles and cheese.  We also sent over some yogurt melts, cheese crackers that Tony made and cheerios.  Oh and they had milk.
We sent over their high chairs (space saver), 2 go-pods, a bag of toys and a bag of their night time things, glo-seahorse, musical giraffe and of course the sleep sheep.  Two of the pack n plays were already over there.  We drove the van over with their car seats and all of the stuff and I walked them over in the stroller with the toddler seats attached in case they wanted to take them for a walk.
After we reviewed their schedule and contents of the bags, etc. we went back home to pick up the dog and begin the drive.  We originally forgot about the dog - he's like our fourth forgotten child that just gets in the way.  Sometimes I feel really bad for him, but he does get all of the leftovers after each of the babies meals, so he's happy.  Fat and happy!  We thought it was really pressing our luck to ask if they could look after the dog too, so we made quick plans to board him at a new place Tony had heard of that was basically along the way.  We got to the place and if I didn't know any better, I would have checked in myself.  The place was/is gorgeous!  The name is The Green Leaf Pet Resort & Spa.  This place actually has a pool that you can go swimming with your dog.  We didn't, but really cool that you can!
Anyways so we dropped Buddrick off and continued our journey to AC.  We arrived, checked in and played a little Pai Gow.  We then went to dinner at Bobby Flay Steak.  I thought that having a reservation meant that you didn't have to wait 30-45 minutes for a table, but since we didn't have anywhere else to be, we waiting (somewhat patiently).  I won't go into great detail about what we ate, but I'll say it was good, not great, but good.  We finished eating around 9:45pm and ended up going back upstairs where I got ready for bed and fell asleep.  Tony watched tv for a little while and then went back downstairs to the casino. 
The next morning, we slept in until about 10am, requested late check out and got ready and went to the buffet for breakfast.  Again, we had to wait.  Not sure why it was so busy, but we waited for at least 30 minutes.  Afterwards, we checked out and headed over to Revel - the new place.  It was really nice, very cool atmosphere and the best part - smoke free!  We ended up playing pai gow poker and won back some of the money we lost at Borgata. 
We got back to the 'burg around 6pm and slowly got everything packed back up and heard all about how active the babies are and how they wore a path in the carpet in the living room from doing laps around the floor from the kitchen through the dining room and into the living room.  They loved all of the dancing/singing animal that they had and got to see all of them, yes all of them 'dance' to the music.  So sweet to see even little Tony swaying to the music.   We missed the babies so much, but relished the time to ourselves and ability to sleep in for a change.  But all good things come to an end and that's ok.  So until the next time, it's back to life, back to reality.

Saturday, September 15, 2012

He caught on quick!

So little Tony is walking!   It was only about a week and a half ago that he took his first steps and he's almost keeping up with Amelia.  Simply amazing to see all of them toddling around.  I use that term mainly because of a co-worker that keeps reminding me that they're not babies anymore, they're toddlers.  I still would like to think if them as babies and will likely forever consider them my babies - despite their age. 

In other news... I lost my cell phone.  I've never been the type of person that had my phone with me every second of the day - maybe that's why it's lost, but it's seriously lost.  I truly believe that it is somewhere in the mess of the house - hiding or it could be elves that have come to screw with my mind.  This is the most expensive phone I've ever owned and it's it's had a difficult life.  It almost got flushed down the toilet at work, after which it lived in a bag of saffron rice and then standard white rice until it came back to life.  It was then dropped on the tile entry way in the house which shattered the screen.  Even after all of that, it continued to live, but I'm guessing that it's had enough so it has found a nice secure spot in the house where it cannot be found to live out the rest of it's days or at least until I get a replacement.  Isn't that how it works? 

In other other news... my trio has a new cousin.  Her name is Katie - she arrived on Monday.  We have not been over to see new cousin, but if you read one of the more recent posts, you'll know why.  We don't feel very welcome. 

In happier news - my MoM club started meeting again and although the babies are a bit young for most of the things that are planned, I like being around other mothers that 'get it'.  No offense to mothers that have more than one child and I know I never had a singleton to know if there's a difference, but I'm almost positive that there is.  I even met another MoM that lives pretty close by that has twin girls - age 14 months plus an older son.  I can't do anything during the week, but maybe we could meet up some time on the weekend.  Additional happy news, a friend that I used to work with's sister had her twins this past week.  I don't know alot of details, but wishing all them the best!

No pictures this week - every minute after I got home, I spent looking for my stupid phone.  BAA!  There's always next week.

Monday, September 3, 2012

I wasn't even invited!

I want to preface this post with a little information.  I have typically kept my posts just about the babies and me and Tony and haven't talked about anyone else but I've decided to throw caution to the wind and get this rant out.  I'll find out later on if any of T's family reads this (and likely this post will be hidden).

This story actually starts a long time ago, but escalated around the time of the babies baptism.  When choosing God parents for the babies, the plan was to use my sisters and Val and T's three brothers.  End of story, easy.  Or so I thought.  My one sister lives in Cleveland and has two kids under 4, and wasn't planning on attending - which I understood.  T, on the other hand, counted her out as a GP and decided to ask his SIL.  After learning that the church did not require the appointed GP to be present, I assumed my sister was back in the picture - but here's where we all recite the phrase that is so true about what happens when you assume - you make an ASS out of U and ME.  Well in this case, only me.  I came home from work one afternoon being told that I needed to apologize to the SIL because I hurt her feelings after being told that we weren't going to need her to be a GP.  I of course did not see her reaction to this, but from what has happened since then, you would think I killed her dog in front of her.  I never did apologize as I didn't think I had done anything wrong, but I did have a discussion with her as to why I wanted my own sister included.  In the end, I lost (another long story there) and tearfully begged her to be the GP against my own wishes.  My MIL got involved in the situation and she said something that I will NEVER forget.  She said - "you have to learn where your bread is buttered" which to me means that all of their generosity in the past has come with a price and you never know when they'll call to collect.

Since the end of May and that whole situation, I really haven't spoken to my SIL.  I guess we're both stubborn people - I know I am, and didn't want to be the first one to break the silence.  I didn't have much to lose if anything from maintaining the silence.  What I have not mentioned yet is that SIL is pregnant with a girl.  She has an older son, but from previous conversations (prior to the baptism) she acted like she wanted all of my girl clothes or other girl/baby items.  I was given so many things from my family, I felt it only right to pass these things along - even though I didn't get a single hand me down from her.  She was the one that said after she found out we bought something - oh you should have asked me, I had a xx (insert baby item here) in the basement you could have borrowed.   Now how was I to know she had a xx?  Maybe she thinks I have x-ray vision and can see into her basement.  So by her prolonging the silence, I figured she was just hurting herself because I'm not going to hang onto this stuff if she can't even ask me for it - so I'm planning on selling/giving it away.  I've heard through the grapevine that she's already bought a bunch of new stuff including clothes and to quote her "...Seriously DO NOT need anymore baby clothes!! at this rate, I'm gonna have to change her outfits 4 times a day so she wears everything"  ok, then - note taken nothing from me needed. 
A few weeks ago, T asks me if I received an invite to a shower that was being thrown for her because his mother had gotten one.  It was being hosted by SIL's sister - who I have met a few times.  I had not gotten an invite - must have gotten lost in the mail :) ?  Speed up to yesterday - T and I and the babies were planning on driving to Trenton to buy our weekly milk from Halo Farms.  He had told his parents earlier in the week and they acted like they wanted to come with us for our family outing.  So, around 9am, we were out the door and over at his parents house to pick them up.  When only my FIL came out, we were wondering where MIL was and was told that she had some things to get done at the house - laundry or something.  Later in the evening, I learned that the shower for SIL was that day (yesterday).  So not only was I not invited, I was lied to by T's family.  I'm not quite sure why, do they think I'm too fragile to handle not being invited?  I really don't care and it's easier this way - I don't have to spend any money buying her things that she should already have.  Who knows... T said something earlier today like 'they (meaning his parents) think that this is her family's way of getting back at you for what happened around the baptism.'  Seriously?  I did end up learning that my other SIL was indeed invited and I was purposely left out and when her sister was asked at the party (about me) her response was something along the lines of 'it's my party and I can do what I want to!'
All that said, I guess I am a little hurt that this whole thing is still going on, but I've learned a valuable lesson about T's family and where I stand with them.  Without getting into another long tangent, this situation reminds me of what happened at my wedding.  My sister made a comment that offended SIL and SIL went whining to MIL about it and had to hear all about how it hurt her feelings, blah blah blah literally 2 days after the wedding.  Now here we are, with the reverse situation - her sister purposely left me out of something and nothing gets said to her about it.  T talked to his mother about it, but she just changed the subject and wouldn't address it.  
Once again, she wins, I lose.  Seems like a common theme.