Monday, December 3, 2012

Update on Olivia

It's been a while since I've done an update on everything my babies can do.  I know I've said this before, but they never cease to amaze me.

Miss Olivia currently has nine teeth and another one coming through - two of which are molars.  We really have to be careful sticking our fingers in her mouth!  She climbs stairs easily and descends the stairs with little to no help.  I will never send her down without Tony at the bottom of the stairs, and I hold my breath with how she does it - front facing.  We started to teach her to turn around and crawl backwards, but one day she just decided to go down the opposite way by sitting and then scooting her legs down.  She seems to be in a big hurry sometimes and doesn't even bother to sit down, she just hugs the wall and goes down just like you and I would one foot then the other!  It scares the crap out of me!
She's just about 26 pounds according to my calculations or rather our bathroom scale.  She has started to step onto the scale every time she goes into the bathroom.  The funniest part is that once the number on the digital display comes up, she puts her foot over it so I can't see it.
Olivia loves to run around and play, but often has to be scolded because she has no problem with stealing toys from her brother or sister. She could be nicely playing with something and then something that her sister or brother has, catches her eye and she'll just go after it.  I watched her tonight muscle her brother out of the one of the little foam chairs.  He was sitting there and she just decided that she wanted to so she stepped into the chair, then turned around and sat down - basically on top of him and he got edged out and ended up on the floor.  I've started to try and give back the item that was taken - and then re-direct her - occupy her with something else, but she usually throws a tantrum - even with lying on the floor and stomping - as soon as the 'item' is taken away from her.  She calms down relatively quickly, but I've learned that 'time-outs' don't really work at this age.  I made a huge mistake with her last weekend with the 'time-outs'.  She was being really bad - stealing, hitting, etc. so I decided to remove her from the situation as a punishment, but I strapped her in her high chair for her 'time-out'.  I did this a few times in a row because she was continuously naughty.  What I learned from this though is that she quickly associated her high chair with being bad and for meal time she'd throw a tantrum just to sit down to eat.  We're better now, but it was difficult to get her in her high chair for the next day or so.  Oops!
Back to some of the good/cute things - I'm not sure where/when this started, but for the past few weeks, if your standing at the changing table and she's in her crib, or if you're sitting or lying in baby jail with her, she'll come over to you, lift your shirt up and slap your skin - not hard - but it's hilarious.  She's done this with me, Tony and Melanie and we all typically just crack up laughing.  Olivia has a few nicknames - she's often called Liv, Livia or even Olivie.  We all like Olive, but it's not a name that anyone of us has used consistently so not sure it'll stick.  Mel sometimes calls her Darla because she thinks she looks like Darla from the 'Little Rascals'

I'm not sure I see the resemblance... do you?

Other Olivia facts - she's very ticklish on her sides and if she's freaking out, you can usually turn it around by tickling her there.  She likes to dance/move around with any type of music.  She likes grab a book and come over and sit in your lap and flip pages.  She does NOT like anything on her head - like the flowered headband seen above.  Not sure how this one stayed on long enough to take that picture, because normally it's off in a matter of milliseconds!  She still uses a pacifier during nap times and at night and she loves to hang upside down!  She can currently point to her head, nose and belly (consistently).  I'm now trying to incorporate ears and eyes!  She can wave hi and bye-bye and says dada and mama.  I'm trying to get her to say up next. 
Olivia is still a good eater, but definitely lets you know when she doesn't want something.   She'll shake her head no and wave her hand in front of her and she's getting pretty adept at using a fork when eating.I'm sure there's more, but cannot recall them right now.  Time to wrap up the day or rather start the next one by going to bed!