Tuesday, October 14, 2014


At the beginning of September we took our first family vacation (not visiting family).  Tony's mom was part of our entourage and we started our long drive at midnight.  We drove through the night stopping every now and again to wake myself up again.  It was difficult but we made it in one piece.  We didn't reach our condo in Garden City Beach (just south of Myrtle Beach) until about 2 or 3pm.  After we arrived Tony and him mom ventured out to find a grocery store to get provisions, while I dealt with the kiddos.  Mind you, I drove MOST of the way there while Tony and him mom slept.  I wasn't too happy, but just went along with it.  I actually got us all ready to go in the pool and the rest of the days all blended together with swimming in the pool, playing in the sand and surfing in the ocean amongst other things.  Many pictures were taken - I'll try and post some from each outing...

 These pictures were from this tourist area.  We stopped to use the bathrooms - get them changed out of their pj's and stretch our legs.  I recall Amelia having quite a hissy fit in the bathroom and getting on my last nerve.

 We stopped for breakfast at a Cracker Barrel.  They were still in their pajamas.  I felt a little white-trash bringing them in there like that, but please cut me some slack... I had been driving for 8 hour at this point and dead tired. 

We had a few rainy days and one of them we spend at the aquarium.

One of the really nice days, we went to this area called 'Boardwalk at the Beach' They had a bunch of amusement park rides and tons of shops/restaurants to try out.  It was hot, but they had a blast!!!

Another outing included this GIANT ferris wheel.  Tony's mom is scared of heights so she didn't go up with us, and even though the ride was short, it was fun.
Picture from across the street - all lit up it was really quite a sight!

waiting for our turn...

Daddy and Amelia

Mommy with Olivia and Tony

It's a looooong way down!

view from above

Grandma (wearing pink shirt and white hat) waiting for us!

Olivia lounging

Tony lounging

sisters lounging...

We had a good time despite a few disagreements with Tony's mom about a few different topics and I'll admit that it's a heck of alot of work to take three three year olds on vacation. 

Monday, October 6, 2014

The after party...

My parents came over the day after the birthday party to spend a few hours before their 8 hour trip home.  It was nice to let them play with the kids without everyone else there.  My dad ended up starting this game with the balloons that were left over from the party. 

Later in August, we got a chance to have a little picnic with our friends - The Reed Family.  They weren't able to attend the party so we had them over the following weekend.  The weather was nice so we had the big waterslide out again.  Everyone had fun! 

Tony trying to give a kiss to Victoria!

Tony trying to give a kiss to Angie!

Tony & Eddie

Eddie was instagramming his picture with his 'adopted brother'
We obviously didn't take many pictures, but little Tony was Eddie's favorite.  He's the only boy with four sisters and would love to trade his youngest sister for a brother! 

I'm a bit behind but hopefully by Halloween, I'll get caught up!