Sunday, June 29, 2014

Our day at Jenkinson's

Tony started working less on the weekends and last Sunday he had the day off so we decided to have a family day.  What to do, what to do???  We eventually decided to drive to Point Pleasant and go to the aquarium and the amusement park there.  We got a late start as usual and ended up driving around for at least 30 after we arrived just trying to find a parking spot.  It was crazy.  We eventually found a parking lot that was letting people in but it was $40 to park.  I normally would have backed the car right up but there really was nothing else unless it was like 2 miles away.  We realized shortly after we got to the boardwalk, that in our haste to get out of the car, we forgot the diaper bag with all our normal necessities.  So at one point Tony went back to retrieve it and I was left with three nearly three year olds running around!  They actually surprised the crap out of me.  I was thinking that they would be all over the place, but they stayed with me and listened.  I think it was because there were so many people around and so many new things to look at, they were a bit overwhelmed.  Either way I was appreciative.  I saw more than one person with their child strapped to one of those backpack leashes and I felt awesome that I was able to keep all mine wrangled while someone else leashed their one.

The first ride we went on was the carousel.  I had a plan to have them sit on the row of horses right in front of the bench seats just in case one (or more) got scared and wanted to get off.  I was so happy that I didn't need that back up plan because they each loved it!  Afterward, we decided to see if they'd like to ride on their own.  I was a little nervous as I recalled watching my nieces and nephew go to ride similar rides and being scared and crying.  They again happily surprised me and did great and loved it.

We went on a few more rides, played a few games inside the arcade and then decided to walk over to the aquarium. 

The aquarium is small, but had enough to see including sharks, snakes, frogs, seahorses along with penguins and seals.  They even had a 'touch' area where they have starfish and other sea creatures for the kids to touch and feel.  They were a bit small for this and I got yelled at for taking the starfish all the way out of the water.  I swear there were no signs and I was given no instructions.  Whatever! 

Olivia wouldn't stay in the hole long enough...
The kids were getting very cranky (way past nap time) and hungry and little Tony found it very funny to run away from us so we got out of there and were on a quest for something to eat.  Luckily we found seating that allowed the strollers so we camped out and ate over priced pizza and hot dogs. 

Before heading back to the car, we used up a few more ride tickets and rode the carousel a few more times.  We were only there for a few hours, but it felt like a very long day and I was positive that they would fall asleep within a few minutes of riding home.  Of course, I was wrong!  Two out of three fell asleep - Amelia held out and I don't recall why, she got bent out of shape about something and was crying and woke up the other two.  After some time, everything calmed back down and for the rest of the ride... it was quiet enough for even daddy to fall asleep!
My favorite picture of the day was this one...

Friday, June 27, 2014

Father's Day

Our father's day actually started on Saturday - Daddy got a new T-shirt and breakfast that he didn't have to make himself.  He jokes that his favorite meal is one he doesn't have to cook himself.  So we headed off to our usual diner for breakfast.  Sunday - we went over to Tony's parents house for brunch.  After eating, we just hung out.  Tony actually had to run down to the restaurant to drop something off (before his shift) so he left us for a bit.  The kids played in the sandbox and on Grandma and Grandpa's swing set.  We attempted to get a nice trio picture, but well... you can see how that worked out.  We also made an attempt at having a nice picture taken with Grandma and Grandpa and the result of that is below.  Overall we had a nice time!

Thursday, June 12, 2014

Down the Shore

I came across some pictures of when my parents were in town back in April - I had put the camera in car in one of the seat pockets!  It was a cool day and we didn't have any plans to hang out at the beach, but we let them experience the beach and ocean at least a little bit. 
The phrase "Down the shore" is a Jersey thing.  It was difficult to get used to it since it seems to me like it's missing a preposition, but I've just grown to accept it.  There are a bunch of other phrases that are odd to me like if you're standing at the bank... you're standing on line.  I'd think I was standing in line, but here in New Jersey, you're on line (even if there are no computers around).  I digress...

We busted out our new strollers - the Triple Decker is getting difficult to maneuver so a short time ago we traded in a few of our other older baby items and got these.  They worked out pretty well and not too many fights about who's sitting where.

We then took our shoes off and headed onto the sand and the water...

and of course a cute video of them running around (and me laughing) at them running around!

After running around on the beach, we got something to eat on the boardwalk.  Their first boardwalk fries and pizza.  Afterwards, we walked along the boardwalk, had some ice cream and played on the clowns! 

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Uncle Steve's Birthday Party

Memorial Day weekend we traveled up to north Jersey for Uncle Steve's birthday party.  One of Tony's brothers - the third of the Czarnecki boys to turn 40!!!
It looked like it was going to be a nice day outside, but the weather quickly changed from warm and sunny to rainy and cool.  We hadn't really prepared for how cool it was - no jackets and we had dressed them in shorts but they didn't seem to mind.  I actually didn't get many pictures but the best part had to have been the bounce house!  Yep, you read it correctly.  A bounce house at a 40 year old's birthday party.  The part I didn't care for is the kids trying to get out of the bounce house and running around in the mud in their bare feet.
I'm just glad the kids had fun and I think adults did too!

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Random Happenings

The month of May came and went quickly.  We've been getting outside more since the weather has been getting better and better.  Here's a few pictures...
First - as always my sleeping baby pictures.  I can't help it, they're just so darn cute (and quiet).


 We got an awning installed on the back of the house.  I actually won the awning from Ace Home Improvements.  I filled out an entry form - they were celebrating their 60 years in business and they were doing several giveaways including siding, windows, roofing and the awning.  We had gotten our roof redone a few years ago and had just had the windows and siding done last year so the only thing we didn't have was an awning and with two of our huge trees gone (compliments of the hurricane named Sandy), weid been lacking some shade.  So this came as a great addition to the house.  We got to pick the fabric/pattern and location of course.  It's a motorized one and we even got a cool little remote for it.  Now I just need to win a deck!

A few other random things.... Olivia driving and of course making sure she adjusted her mirrors before starting.  Amelia rocking out with her 'woofer' guitar and Tony coming mommy's hair.

 And finally, earlier this month, it was time to do the annual cat shaving.  She's got such long hair and it gets everywhere so usually this time of year I shave all (well most) of her hair off.  I had never done her tail before and the kids kept saying "kitty has a lion's tail".   I have to admit that I've only done it a few times before and I never thought she'd tolerate it, but she actually seems to enjoy it.  I forgot to take a picture of all the hair/fur I cut off of her but I'll compare it to sheering a sheep.  It was a crazy amount of hair, but it's outside and not inside embedded in my carpet.