Sunday, August 18, 2013

Daddy's Biker Gang

If you didn't know, my husband has been a motor cycle rider since he was about 21 years old.  When we met he had a Honda Shadow and one day he received something in the mail from the local Harley dealership for a test drive so we went.  He swore he just wanted to look and test drive something, but we ended up buying one.  That was back in September of 2009.

Fast forward to now and to T's parents birthday presents to the trio and we have the makings of a great biker gang!
Here are a few pictures of my gang.

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Happy Birthday!

The trio turned two earlier in the week and we had our party this weekend to celebrate.  It's been alot of planning and last minute preparations but it ended up being a fun time for all.  We didn't do anything special on their actual birthday - August 7th and I didn't end up getting my first choice of theme - which was to have a barnyard animal theme with the Turkey Hill cow making an appearance, but there's always next year for that.  I ended up with my original theme which was The Very Hungry Caterpillar.  I've always liked this book and the babies do too.  I can't really say that they love it because it's not a book that we read over and over again, they mostly like to count the fruit and to stick their fingers through the holes in the pages.  I like the book.  I think I was read this book as a child and I remember it fondly.  I don't recall alot of other Eric Carle books, but this one was special.
I first got the idea after seeing a fellow triplet MoM do this theme for their trio's First birthday party and saw all the cute decorations and snacks that can be done just based on the book.  So since then, I'd been checking out others' sites and pinterest for ideas on what I could do.  Here's what I came up with and how our day went.
Our 'buffet' lunch just before nap time (party prep time!)

My hungry caterpillar table spread

close up of my spread (minus the cherry pie!)

...more of the spread

the healthy end of the spread

The watermelon never got cut up!

Yup! That's right, we had a waterslide!

The birthday boy - in awe of the water slide!

The caterpillar tent

Birthday girl Amelia!

Birthday girl Olivia!

Caterpillar egg hunt inside the caterpillar tent/tunnel

Sitting with uncle Stephen and cousin Thomas

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Little T checking out a butterfly balloon

checking out another balloon (before it flew away!)

Olivia and Amelia riding their trikes

sweet Amelia

Little Tony prepping for his descent

Amelia with Mel

Our cake!

Cousins Andrew and Thomas taking a lick of the cake icing!

Olivia opening a gift - what could it be?

Amelia opening...

Tony opening a gift

Getting started!

I got a glow in the dark ball!

... so did I!!!

Opening up the gift from Uncle Kevin /Aunt Natalie

What is it?  a sand and water table!

my ball!

Aunt Natalie gets a triple hug!

more presents!

What's in there Liv?

Amelia checking out a new book

What's a pillow rider???

Amelia opening gifts with daddy


Tony taking some quiet time

My table center pieces and balloon weights

One of our butterfly balloons