Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Here's what you missed...

Back in November, within the week after the hurricane or rather 'Super Storm' that it is currently being called, we had gone out to get our weekly milk and eggs.  We still didn't have power at home, but had the generator, but that was only powering up a few crucial things, like the refrigerators and get us some hot water.  Alot of the restaurants and businesses didn't have power either so we ended up eating lunch at Hooters in Lawrenceville.  We brought the babies in, got three high chairs and ordered chicken fingers for them plus food for ourselves.  We ended up sitting next two a family/crew from down south that had come up to help out with the clean up from the hurricane.  They didn't stare at us or the babies - which was really cool, but we chatted a little and told them that we had some downed trees in our yard and got one of their business cards. 

The whole time we were there, Tony kept asking me if we should have the Hooter's ladies pose with little Tony - and I told him it was fine with me, but he was too chicken to ask them himself!  So just before we were wrapping up to get going I asked our waitress and she happily obliged and got a few of her fell waitresses to pose with little man. 

Right after the picture was taken, we realized that little T had a disgusting dirty diaper that stunk to high heaven and we were very surprised that all of these ladies had smiles on their faces! 
I recall that Tony sent this picture on to his brothers with some like about how little Man has more 'game' than them. 

We also ended up hiring the crew we met to take care of the trees in our backyard so, in the end, it all worked out.

Saturday, January 26, 2013

Happy Birthday Daddy!

Yesterday was Tony's 44th birthday and for his special day, I gave him the best thing I could think of - a day off.  I took the day off of work and planned him a relaxing day away from the babies.  I got him bagels from the local place we like and let him sleep in.  By 10:30am, he was off to Gentle Healing & Wellness Spa for a 85 minute massage, lunch and a pedicure.  Yes, a pedicure.  It was supposed to be a surprise that I was going to tell him about the night before or the morning of, but the people at GHWS decided to call our home phone number to confirm the appointment, despite me telling them that this was a surprise and giving my cell phone number.  Oh well!  I had also gotten him a gift certificate for the movies - he's been wanting to see the Hobbitt, but he didn't end up using it because he didn't want to go by himself.  After his morning/afternoon of pampering, he went to Home Depot for a few items and to re-gain some of his masculinity!  He came home and played some video games down stairs while Mel and I took care of the babies.  We wrapped up the night with dinner at Steakhouse 85.  What a great dinner!
Here's a few pictures I took while I was home with my little sweeties!

Trio picture!

drinking our milk, sitting in our chairs...

Tony playing with Amelia - waiting for lunch!

Monday, January 21, 2013

Fourteen days and counting...

I've been working for 14 days straight and will be for 5 more before I get another day off.  I been working at my regular job at Siemens during the week, and on the weekends, I've been doing some contract work.  A while back I spotted a job online for this opportunity, but until now I hadn't had a chance to work any of their events.  They do health screenings (including hearing testing) for military personnel.  I didn't know what to expect last weekend, but I was happily surprised.  Luckily there was another great audiologist that had done several events, so she showed me the ropes.  I don't think I would have been so calm if she hadn't been there.  Well I liked it and the money it pays so much that when they asked me if I was available this past weekend too!

The only thing I'm not liking is not seeing my babies.  I haven't really spent very much time with Tony or the kids.  Lately, I don't even know what they're able to do and not do.  I'll watch them do something I didn't know about and Tony acts like it - oh yeah - they've been doing that!  I feel so out of touch.

Here's some pictures that Tony has taken over the past few days/weeks...

Sunday, January 13, 2013

I can start over, right?

Ok, so I know that I missed writing about Amelia and Tony, Christmas and New Years and other stuff, I'm sure, but I just can't seem to fit the time in to write.  The past few weeks or probably months, there just seems like there's so much to do.  Most weekdays, I get up, take a shower, get ready for work, get the babies up, diapers changed and downstairs.  I occasionally have time to make some oatmeal (instant) and eat it on the ride to work.  I arrive at work - usually a few minutes late - and proceed to take phone calls.  Most days, I have plans to run errands on my lunch hour, usually grocery shopping.  It's great - there's a grocery store close by, along with a WalMart and a Target, plus Lowe's, Aldi, five below, Hobby Lobby, TD Bank plus many different restaurants.  The only thing not close that I'd like is a ToysRUs or BabiesRUs. I get back to work sometimes and realize that I never ate anything for lunch!  I finish up my work day and get home about an hour before the babies eat dinner and then go to bed.  We get them fed, bathed and in bed usually by 8:30pm.  That's when we get a chance to eat dinner.  I get to relax for maybe 30-45 minutes and I'm back up, unloading the dishwasher and reloading the dirty stuff, putting in a load of dirty laundry and/or folding the laundry from several days ago.  I end up cleaning and organizing until about 1am.  By that time, I'm pretty exhausted, so I sleep really well. 
Speaking of exhausted, I worked all weekend - It was my first OnSite Health gig and it went pretty well and I can't beat the pay.  I stand to make over $1400 for just two days of work!  I missed my babies alot. 

I have a bunch of pictures from the holidays that I'll eventually update, but here's some from this year!

My happy little man!

Olivia waiting for her milk!

Amelia playing in baby jail (I love this picture)

Olivia loves riding her horsie (Buddy the dog)!

Amelia - my happy little girl.

Tony - baby in red...