Saturday, June 29, 2013

Oh well...the bad/sad news

An update on a few things - mostly not so good things, unfortunately.  I'll start off with the fact that Tony did not get that job.  I was really hoping that he would.  He's told me recently that he misses leaving the house on a regular basis.  Don't get me wrong, he's still doing a great job staying home with the kids, but I wanted something else for him to look forward to.  I'll admit that I probably wanted it more than him.  Oh well!

A while back I wrote about my sister in law expecting her second baby - and about the comment that was made about 'dodging a bullet' regarding the loss of one a twin (one she didn't even know she had.  Well, the sad news is that shortly after, she lost the other one.

I'll continue with the not so good news... I posted a while back about tense relations with my other SIL and how I wasn't invited to her baby shower.  I'll update to say that relations aren't any better.  We can be cordial at family functions, but neither of us will go out of our way to be friends.  I guess I just feel like she's a big faker and the person she portrays herself to be online - like on facebook - is not who she really is.  Whatever. 

Update on my diet/weight loss journey - I had a really good two weeks where I actually lost about 7lbs!  This past week, I had some set backs and added back 1-2lbs, but hopefully I can get back on track soon!

I haven't been taking many pictures lately.  I've been working later hours at work so I don't have much time with them during the week.  I do have some pictures from last weekend that was taken by my aunt at my cousin's daughter's high school graduation party. 

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Fingers crossed

Tony had a job interview this past Monday for a part time position with the town.  It's not that much money, but I think he'll enjoy getting out on a somewhat regular basis.  I know he misses leaving the house...
So hopefully it's meant to be.  Que sera sera!

Saturday, June 15, 2013

Hugs & Kisses

The video and title speaks for itself... and yes I'm kicking my feet and squealing with delight at what I was witnessing.  I'm really glad Melanie got this captured on her phone.

Sunday, June 9, 2013

22 months +2 days

There are times when I simply look at my babies and realize they aren't babies anymore.  I'm really not sure how I should refer to them - my kids, my toddlers...the triplets?  It doesn't feel like it's been almost 2 years since they arrived, but here we are!  I'll attempt an update on each one now that we've hit the 22 (plus 2 day mark).

Amelia - Amelia is the smallest of the trio.  She's my little string bean and I call her 'bean' all the time.  She weighs about 22-23 lbs and is the shortest, but not by alot.  Her hair is getting longer, it's a pretty light brown color that is straight on the top and sides, but has a bit of wave/curl in the back.  It's only when it's wet that you can see how long it actually is.  She has brown eyes and about 14 teeth.  She currently wears 18 month clothes, but at times can still fit into some 12 month things.  Amelia likes to run around and play with everything.  She's definitely attached to a few things including a stuffed panda bear during the day and her 'blanket bear' at night.  She still sucks her thumb at night and sometimes during the day to soothe herself.  We're trying to break her from it, but it doesn't seem like it's going to be an easy feat.  She doesn't like to be told no - especially about sucking her thumb.  She'll throw down her bear and throw herself down and start to cry.  She's usually a pretty happy smiley kid, but has her moments where she cannot be calmed down.  She's a pretty good eater - her favorite things are pasta - noodles (or as she says noonyels), toast, eggs and cheese.  Other than her milk and water, she enjoys tomato juice.  Amelia tends to be a caring baby and has been seen patting the back of her brother when he coughs or hurt himself, but she creates her share of problems as well.  She still  bites her brother and sister when she doesn't get her way and has started pinching too.  Her favorite TV show is the Mickey Mouse Club on Disney Jr. and she likes dancing to the  theme song.  Her speech has really taken off over the past few months and she's been seen having conversations in the bathtub looking at her own reflection.  It's so cute to watch!  She knows most of her body parts, but tends to get her eyes and ears mixed up.  She knows alot of animals and the sounds they make.  Sometimes I swear she's turning into a cat because it seems like she's always meowing!  She likes bath time, but doesn't always like the rinsing part - with the water splashing over her face.  Everyone that sees her or sees a picture of her says she looks just like me - so obviously she's beautiful. :)

Tony - Little Tony is in the middle - he was born in the middle and currently in the middle for weight and height.  He's a little bit taller than Amelia and a little bit shorter than Olivia.  He weighs about 26 lbs, has thick dark straight brown hair and brown eyes.  He's in need of a hair cut soon - he's already had three in the past, but his hair just seems to grow really fast!  He's really good for hair cuts and hopefully the girls will behave as well as he does.  Tony also loves to run around and he moves fast, but on occasion, he tends to run with his head forward and his arms behind him, so he has his fair share of falls and head bumps and bruises.  He currently has a small bump on the right side of his forehead, a healing  brush burn on his right forearm (that seems to be taking forever to heal up) and a bunch of scrapes on his left knee.  Tony is also usually a happy little guy - always has a smile for a stranger and gives great high fives.  He can be a little flirt with the ladies too.  He doesn't really have a favorite toy, but he really likes to make Olivia chase him around with whatever toy he just stole from her.  I never thought that he'd want to sit down and read a book like his sisters, but he does.  He can be a very lovey baby and has been seen hugging his sisters - sometimes a little too tightly - and the same thing for the cat and dog.  He seems to really like trucks and airplanes and can hear them and see them from pretty far away.  He's always yelling out "airplane" or "truck".  He, like Amelia knows most of his body parts - but also gets his eyes and ears mixed up and knows a bunch of animal noises.  Tony is also a good eater - most of the time.  He can get a little naughty at dinner time where he likes to throw his food across the room when he doesn't like the menu or when he's done.  His favorites include meatballs (from Cafe Napoli), hot dogs and most fruits.  He's not a big fan of vegetables in general, but he'll help down a can of V8 with his sisters.  Tony also likes the Mickey Mouse Club show and Jake and the Never land pirates and dances around during any of the songs.  He can pick out Mickey Mouse anywhere and gets all excited - when he says it, it sounds like Ma Ma.  The way I know the difference is how he says it, if he sounds all excited - he's usually saying Mickey Mouse and not referring to me.  Oh well!  I tend to call him 'tone tone' and have noticed that his sisters will call him that too.  Little man also has his moments where he gets really whiney for no apparent reason - who knows - maybe he's getting another tooth.  He's got about 12 - and it looks like his four canines will be the next to appear.  All around, he's a great little guy and gives great hugs and kisses.

Olivia - Olivia is my big girl.  She's the tallest of the bunch and weighs almost 31 lbs.  She's got blonde hair that is very similar to Amelia's where it's just curly in the back - but her curls tend to be a bit tighter -like spirals.  It's really pretty.  Her eyes are sort of hazel/brown.  Miss Liv, as she is called, often seems the most mature of the three, but then sometimes seems the least.  She really seems to pay attention to what the others are doing and will often step into help or bring them something - like if Amelia is upset, she'll bring her her Panda bear.  She also at times seems the most helpful.  If you ask her to do something, she will (most of the time).  Other times, she seems to be the most childish by always wanting what the others have and just pushing her way through to get it.  She can be a bully, but she's a sweetie at heart.  Olivia doesn't really have a favorite toy during the day, but she loves reading books and has been seen 'reading' a book to her brother and sister.  At night time though she needs her blanket bear (like Amelia) to soothe herself to sleep.  She usually likes a longer than normal hug and rocking session more than everyone else.  Olivia seems to be my most daring baby.  She is the first one to figure out her way out of her crib and jump from one to the other.  The other day, she crawled out and onto the the top of the dresser where the changing pad is.  She stood and looked out the window at the men who were there to put siding on the house!  Neither Tony nor I was in the room!  She has also started sleeping in the same crib as her sister.  Olivia also seems to love the water - she loves filling up a cup during  bath time and just dumping the whole thing on her head.  She'll be ready for showers soon! Olivia is our best eater.  She pretty much will eat anything or at least try whatever she's offered.  She typically is the only one that finishes her milk consistently.  It's no wonder she's the biggest.  Olivia seems to like the same TV shows as her brother and sister and is a little more reserved with her dancing.  She's overall alot more wary of strangers and takes a few minutes to warm up to new people, but once she flashes them her killer smile complete with dimples, all is well.

I know I may be forgetting some things, but hopefully I've captured what each of my babies are able to do and what they're like!

Dualing lawn mowers!

Friday, June 7, 2013

Time keeps on slipping

The days and weeks just keep rolling on by and I keep thinking of things to write about, but never seem to have taken any pictures to support what's been going on.  I'll see if I can recap what's been going on... on Fernwood Lane.

I'll start off with me.  No too much is going on other than work, babies, clean, sleep, repeat.  Work has been very busy.  My hours shifted a little - instead of starting at 9am, I start at 9:30am.  I really thought that I'd start being on time with the new later hours, but the past few days, I've fallen into my bad habits and getting there late - like 10-15 minutes late.  So far no one has said anything to me, and I typically work a little later to make up for my tardiness, but I really need to make a better effort to get there on time.  I typically get home just before 7pm and it's right in time for dinner, bath, story, then bed time.  Since the weather is getting nicer (although you wouldn't know it based on all the rain that we're experiencing lately), I'd like to be able to get home and take the kids for a walk or at least spend a little time with them before dinner.
I worked another weekend last weekend - it's good money that I can't pass up so as much as I miss my babies, I gotta do, what I gotta do!  I missed Tony's brother's party because I was working, but Tony went with the babies and I'm told they had a great time.  I actually got out a bit early on Saturday - 4:30pm!  I actually had several hours to myself and nearly didn't know what to do with myself.  I ended up getting Chick-Fil-A, shopping for some Father's Day items, cleaning the house a little bit, finishing up a craft project that I started before the babies were born and watching some tv shows off the DVR.  It was nice, really nice.  I almost felt guilty, but would love to have more of that sort of time again.
The only other time that I really get to myself is my lunch hour.  Work is so busy lately that there really isn't even a moment to think about doing anything other than work, so when 1pm rolls around, I try and get a few things accomplished - other than just eating lunch.  On occasion, I'll run out, go to the bank, pick up a few things at the grocery store or walmart/target/lowes/etc. depending on what we need.  Other times I'll buy lunch at work and clip coupons - I even have others bring me coupons - Thanks Nina! or make phone calls or catch up on my emails or MoM club duties. 
Lately I feel like I'm always running (not literally) and always late for the next thing.  There's never enough hours in the day to get done what I want to.  I just hope I'm not letting too many people down - especially Tony and the babies!
Speaking of running - I haven't been working out lately, but should be.  I reached my highest weight minus a few pounds (right now) other than when I was pregnant and feeling really crappy about it.  I think that sometimes I give myself permission to eat poorly because I work so hard.  I know there's more to it than what I eat though... I keep reading that getting enough sleep is crucial to weight loss and that's something that just seems to elude me.  I plan on going to bed at a reasonable hour, but most nights it ends up being at least 1am, if not later.  My evenings usually consist of getting babies to bed, eating my own dinner, cleaning up dinner, watching some TV and then  finishing up any other cleaning that's been put off, then getting ready for bed myself and doing some reading.  I find the reading helps me fall asleep - it's no wonder it takes me forever to get through a book!
So back to the weight issue, I'm going to start marking my progress or lack of on here - maybe it'll make me more accountable and hence more successful.  My current weight is 248.  My lowest weight - as an adult was about 220 - which was at two different times - when I first moved to NJ back in 2004 and back in May of 2010 after a 'biggest loser' competition at RWJ  - where I won top female and won a bicycle that I later sold.  I think I weighed about 230 when I got pregnant and ended up getting all the way up to 290 within the last week or so of my pregnancy due to a ton of water weight gain.  After babies, the lowest I got was about 235 and the pounds have just been creeping back on over the past year or so.  So it's really time to do something about it. 

Here I go!  (more update blogs to come on the babies - no really I will!)