Monday, February 24, 2014

Here comes Santa Claus...Farmer's Market edition (mid-December)

During my parents trip, we made our weekly trip to the Farmer's market and to Halo Farms.  Santa and Mrs. Claus were there strolling around and just like last year we attempted to get some pictures with Santa.  We didn't get any good ones despite the Santa and the Mrs. offering to keep trying.  It just wasn't going to happen.

The best part of the whole day was actually at the Diner that we frequent on the weekends.  We went and had no idea that they too were going to have Santa come on a FIRE TRUCK!  We heard the sirens while we were eating and looked around to make sure no one around us was having a heart attack or something and then realized who was coming.  I didn't get any pictures - despite being all ready to snap some.  As soon as Santa was nearing our table, I got them out of their chairs to go say hello and they were all scared and wouldn't go over to him.  Oh well!  Santa kept walking around and ended up sitting down close to the entrance of the place.  We were leaving and I told little Tony to go give Santa a high five and he ended up running over to him and giving him a big hug.  It was probably one of the best moments/memories of the entire holiday season that I can remember.  Everyone in the restaurant aww'd at the cuteness.  Tony may have a picture of that moment because as I recall, one of the waitresses at the place took a picture and was going to text it to him.  I'll add it later if he does... Another Tony moment is above - smelling the flowers.  He is such a sweet little boy!

Wait... It's February already?

It's been a very long time since I posted last.  The holidays have come and gone and I have tons of pictures and memories that I'm going to attempt to write about.  Hopefully I can review everything in a few entries to capture the basics.

My parents came for a visit mid-December and brought their Christmas gifts to the kids - which consisted of stockings full of goodies and this huge bouncy thing.  We blew it up and it was in the living room for a few days but it literally took up the entire living room and after a few days it seemed to lose some air so we took the air out and haven't had it blown up since.  I feel bad because I know my parents knew the kids would love it during all this cold snowy weather, but it just hasn't happened.  Hopefully when the weather gets nicer we can set it up outside and let them enjoy.
Olivia checking out the bouncy thing.

Our new crew of stuffed animals.

Grandma with little Tony

Yes, Olivia's checking out boxes of bandaids!

Papa with Tony and Amelia

Boogie Wipes!
I remember being a kid and it seemed like our Christmas stockings were endless and it was like that all over again with theirs... the stuff just kept coming out.  I know boogie wipes and bandaids don't seem like great stocking stuffers, but we're practical and I love it.  I also love that it wasn't all just candy.  It was really great having my parents come - I feel bad they don't live closer, but hopefully we'll be able to see them more regularly now that they're a little older and can handle the drive.