Wednesday, March 25, 2015

New hours

In the past few weeks, my work hours changed from starting at 9:30 or 10am to starting at 8am.  It may not seem like much of a shift, but it involved quite a change.  I've been good for the most part - I got up pretty late this morning but still made it on time.  So the earlier start comes with an earlier bedtime so I haven't had as much time to blog.  It may seem like I have more time - but I spend that extra time with the kids.  The other day I got home and the kids had been wanting to make muffins.  So we pushed up our sleeves and washed our hands and mixed up some muffins for dinner.

On that note, I need to get to bed so I can get up on time. 

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

I have not forgotten...

The past month and a half have gone by with me vowing to blog, but it just hasn't happened.  I'll catch up eventually!
February came and went with alot of snow ice and very cold temperatures.  We attended Andrew's birthday party on Valentine's day.  The location was at iPlay America - which is this huge indoor amusement park.  We were actually late for the party because I had put the wrong time in the calendar on my phone.  We left the house in time, went to get breakfast and onto the party and ended up getting a phone call from Tony's mom wondering where we were.  Oops!  We got there and everyone else that was there for the party were ready to leave, but they ended up staying a little longer.  The kids rode a few rides and then climbed around a jungle gym for about an hour. 

It was Valentine's day and I made the heart/ribbon streamers that I hung in their door way of their room.  I like doing crafty things - I just don't usually have alot of time for it. 

...and one more 'so I don't forget' moment...
We were in the car and I looked back and noticed that Amelia had a coin in her mouth.  So I told her to take it out - she shouldn't put them in her mouth and little Tony says "yeah, you're mouth is not a bank"  It was so funny/cute I didn't want to forget!