Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Trick or Treat (round 1)

This past weekend, I got together with some fellow CJMoM members at a park for a little trick or treating.  It was mostly treating, but it was fun and they were so friggin' cute as smurfs.  Here's some pictures of my super cute crew!

I can't get enough of this face!

Amelia checking out her loot
 Afterwards we went and played on the playground equipment. 

wait!  who's that other kid?  How'd we pick up another one?

Pumpkin Time

A few weekends ago we ventured  out with my MoM's club for our annual Fall picnic that normally takes place at Russo's Farm.  Last year Tony and I had back up (his parents) but since his mom's knee replacement surgery, they've been out of commission so it's just us.  So far it's been good and we haven't needed them!
We woke up pretty early, got everyone packed up and drove out to the farm.  We took a hayride and I swear they had a good time, but you'd never know from their faces...
Amelia needed a bit longer to wake up and I little T too!  (yes, he has a black eye here - his face had met up with the side of the bed just previous to this)

Once we got to the location of the pumpkins they perked up a little bit and they really had a difficult time deciding on which pumpkins to take home!


After the hay ride we played around and took some group shots of our group...

Last year's family picture

Last year we were able to get all three of them looking through the door... now I was lucky to get one!
 Wow how times change!

Monday, October 21, 2013

Bad haircut

Coming off of my successful trip to Sam's Club, I decided to venture out again this past weekend.  Little Tony was desperately in need of a haircut  (I was almost afraid that people would think I have three girls because his hair was getting so long) so I decided to walk them over to one of the local salons that I had a gift certificate for.  My plan was to push back lunch and their nap so they'd be pretty tired.  That way the girls would be calm and be ok with sitting in the stroller and little T would be calm and be as good as he's been for every other hair cut that he's gotten.
Well, part of my plan worked...
The part where the girls were nice and quiet and calm worked out really well.  Olivia actually fell asleep and Amelia was really quiet too.  Little Tony on the other hand - well I guess he decided today would be the time to give the hair dresser a difficult time.
I was greeted by the staff with such gusto when I first arrived - the owner of the salon actually handed each of them a brand new board book (to keep!)  I was then introduced to the hair dresser - whose name is escaping me, but I had seen her there before.  She was a little older and I noticed right away that she was a little nervous.  Tony started out pretty well, but after a few minutes, he started moving his head which would obviously make it difficult to cut and cut straight.  She explained that she didn't plan on cutting straight across his bangs because she'd have a tough time getting a straight line across.  As the minutes went on, it just got worse and she kept jerking away her hand/scissors every time he made any amount of movement - whether she was close to him or not.  At one point I actually asked her if there were many young children that come into the salon and she said no, and especially for her as "she's afraid of cutting young kids' hair "  OK WHAT?!?!?!?  I understand this was a Sunday afternoon and there were only a few people working, but why the hell would the owner have put me with her? I would have waited for someone else who wasn't scared of kids!
From there, the rest of my visit just got worse.  At one point the stylist just called it quits and said that she couldn't do any more "if he continues to keep moving around" to which I agreed even though his hair was completely uneven!  (From a short distance it doesn't look too bad, but up close, it's a total mess.)  I went up front to pay and pull out my gift certificate and ask if I can use it which sparked an unproductive conversation about how they had not issued the g.c. ... let me explain...
Every month in the New Jersey Shopping & Dining Guide, they include a few ballots for some prizes like gift certificates for local businesses, etc.  I've actually won a few times and never ran into a problem with using the g.c. elsewhere.  So, I had won this g.c. from NJ Shopping & Dining Guide and unfortunately I had cut the certificate part away from the rest of the paper which I think had some additional directions to the business owner about how to redeem the certificate.  But these owners did not seem to care and kept repeating that what I had, was not one of their g.c. and they had not advertised in the NJ S&D Guide for several months and had NOT authorized any g.c to be offered as part of a promotion, etc.  So in the end, I was not able to use the g.c, which was unfortunate, but not the end of the world.  What put me off was the way the owner and her husband (who was there) chose to deal with me and my 'phony gift certificate'.  They weren't nasty, but not necessarily friendly either and almost tried to confiscate the g.c.!  Unfortunately I will not be going back to VIP salon in Jamesburg. Too many strikes in my book.  I know this may seem like a rash decision, but there's a bit more history and it's too late to get into that...
sleepy T
here's a picture of little T's shaggy hair from the side and front...
Tony is actually pointing out a very teeny spider that was on the floor
and some from afterwards...

playing with water at the bathroom sink on the bench my dad made them...which they do ALOT.

Thursday, October 10, 2013

See Me Be Brave

I know there are other triplet moms out there that might laugh at me, but I finally took my trio out shopping by myself for the first time this past weekend.  Yes, they're over two years old and I had never taken them out by myself - other than for walks in the stroller, etc. but never shopping.  T has taken them numerous times by himself and doesn't sweat it anymore.  Since they were born, I never really had the opportunity to go anywhere by myself.  I'm at work all week and then on the weekends if we needed to go out - we'd go together.  Since T started working and mostly on the weekends recently, I've been stuck at home and too afraid to venture out with the three of them for fear that someone would run off and I wouldn't be able to control the situation and all hell would break loose.

I finally decided it was time to give it a try and go to Sam's Club because I was pretty sure they had the shopping carts sort of like Target that I'd be able to strap the three of them into.  So off I went.  I learned a few things on my trip.
1)  I need to strap them into their car seats and not just get them into the van.  They CAN open the van door and they WILL get out.
2)  It's ok to 'shop around' for a GOOD shopping cart.  (I took the first one I found and learned that all carts are not created equal.)
3) Because my kids don't look anything alike... no one knows they're triplets and NO ONE asked me any questions or even seemed to care.
4) My kids have a very short attention span.  (They'd want to hold onto something that I was buying and then within a few minutes later they were dropping it on the floor.)
I'm sure there are more but I'm not recalling them right now...it's late (early).

Here's a picture of my little loves in the shopping cart. They were taken on my phone and not sure why the quality is so bad...

This is a song that I'm loving right now and what I immediately thought of for the title of this post as I was pretty proud of myself for being brave... Thanks Sara Bareilles :)

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Happy Birthday Katie!

A few weeks ago we went to T's brother's daughter's first birthday party.  It's hard to believe that it's been just over a year since I didn't get invited to the baby shower for this baby.  (I guess I'm still a little bitter.)  As much as I don't want to admit it, my SIL did a really nice job.  All of the decorations and favors were really cute.  She did a 'candy' theme and well, it's probably easier to take a look at the pictures I took so you can see for yourselves...

The Cake - her mom made this!

The Candy Bar

Closer up of the sweedish fish and gummy bears...

Swirl lollipops, dots, and runts!

Cotton Candy maker?

Little T digging into the candy necklaces

Little T and grandma getting a drink

Drinks and favor boxes

The Birthday girl in the ball pit (baby jail)

Amelia and Olivia checking in on the ball pit

taking a rest...

hanging out...

The Birthday girl making a mess!

Amelia checking out some of the decorations - balloons wrapped like candy!

Balls wrapped like candy1

SIL's sister who purposely didn't invite me to the shower.  (I couldn't resist)

other guests...


other decorations...

Little T going down the slide

Olivia looking out of the fort

Olivia ready to slide

Amelia looking sweet