Friday, November 30, 2012

Happy Thanksgiving!

In my usual fashion, I'm a little late with holiday posts - birthday posts, etc. but better late than never (I think).  We actually spent Thanksgiving day (Thursday) at a friends house - Beth - who happens to be the God mother of little Tony and Melanie - the kids babysitter and Tony's helper during the week.  They graciously invited us over knowing that we didn't have any plans because T's mom was planning on celebrating Thanksgiving on Friday to accomodate her other son's schedules.  (I was fine with this, but don't get Tony started on this.  It just gets him mad.) 

Beth and Melanie's family have welcomed us into their lives and home and feel like have an extension of our family that we can count on at any time.  They just love seeing and playing with the babies and even arranged it so we could use our attachable high chairs.  Tony and I got to sit at the 'adult' table and the babies were at the 'kid' table with Melanie, her sister, brother and sister's boyfriend.  It was nice to not have to worry about them for a change, even though I kept looking over at them every few seconds to make sure they didn't need anything. 

After we ate, the babies went out onto their back deck to run around. 
Amelia looking to play in the leaves.
Olivia running and having a great time!

Tony and Olivia stomping in the leaves!  Yes that's a baby track suit that has a puppy dog in a purse on it!

 All went well until Amelia fell into the side of the deck and hit her head.  She's ok - see look - soon afterwards, she was playing in Mel's room trying on her sun glasses!
We had out second Thanksgiving on Friday with Tony's family.  Everything was also very nice there, but no additional pictures - or at least not that I have!

Thursday, November 29, 2012

Happy Birthday Thomas!

A few weekends ago, we attended T's brother's kid's birthday.  Thomas turned two at the beginning of the month.  The party initially got postponed because of the hurricane and no one had power.   

It's always a little hectic trying to get out of the house on time with trying to get them ready and ourselves.  I swear that some people at work must think I'm homeless and/or don't have a mirror in my home because of the way I arrive at work - my hair is usually still very wet and tied up in a bun held together with a regular rubber band that I probably got at work.  I digress... Well this is something that worked that day to keep Miss O occupied while I got dressed and ready for the party.

When we arrived the babies were a little clingy.  Tony's dad held Amelia for what seemed like the first hour.  I kept telling him that he could put her down because Olivia and little T had been running around for a while.  He eventually put her down and she got to run around and play with a whole set of new toys!
Olivia checking things out to her left...
Tony checking out something to his left too...  what's over there?

Thomas (the blondie in the middle of the three cousins) was opening his gifts and little T kept wanting to get in on the action.  We - no - I kept trying to get him out of the way because pictures were being taken (other than me) and didn't want my kid to be the one that ruined the shot, but I was trying to keep the girls quiet and occupied.  I especially love the look on Andrew's face in the top shot.

Amelia coming to get me!

Olivia sippin' some water

Little Tony relaxing on the HUGE elephant pillow pet.

The makings of a baby pile-up!

Olivia loving on the doggie chair.

The best comment of the night came from a friend of Tony's brother...She said "I see you're ok with your girls showing a little leg!"  This was in reference to how short this 18 month old dress was on her and her lack of any tights to cover her up. 

We've noticed that when we're out and about or there's alot of things to do and see, they will NOT nap.  We didn't really plan on them napping there - meaning we didn't bring a pack n play or anything for them to nap in, but we knew it was time to get going when they all started falling after taking only a few steps.  Amelia had a pretty hard faceplant on the floor from which she didn't get back up for several seconds.  Poor baby.  They were all passed out within minutes of leaving.
Amelia out like a light...
Olivia - still hanging out, but really tired...

Little Tony - on his way out.

Everyone had a good time and everyone got along (adults included)!

Sunday, November 25, 2012

All by myself

This morning I was thinking back to the first time I was home alone with all three babies.  I don't have an exact date, but as I recall it was pretty early on as they were still eating every four hours.  I think Tony went to go shopping at Sam's Club or Shoprite - or both, but he left just after feeding them and was going to try to get back before they were to eat again.  Well, he didn't - but it all worked out.  One woke up - so I fed that one, then the next one woke up and one by one, I got them all fed and burped before T got home.  I remember feeling so accomplished and thought for the first time that I could actually do this - not completely on my own all the time, but we (T & I) could navigate the trials and tribulations of triplets.  (No, I didn't plan the triple TRs from that last sentence at first, but I'm keeping it now!)

This brings me to the other day - Tony took the trio out to Sam's by himself today.  He's done this before and man is he brave to do this.  I have never taken all of them out on my own.  I've actually never had the opportunity to, but I'm not so sure I'm in a big hurry to try.  Too many what if's for my liking, but I'm sure if and when I do, they'll behave just fine as they always do in public.  They save their naughtiness for T & I at home!
Gotta love these carts!!!

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Baby's just sitting there... doin' some readin'

A few months ago, a co-worker friend, who has a son a few months older than my crew, had posted a picture of her son sitting in a chair 'reading' a book.  I remember thinking 1. how cute he was, 2. none of my babies would be doing this - they'd be eating/chewing on the book! 

Well, I'm happy to say that all of mine will do this.  Not for a long period of time, but they have all been seen sitting with a book in hand.
Olivia 'reading' a book.

The title of this post brings back memories - and I feel the need to explain it.  Growing up in the Buffalo, NY area, we got a few radio stations out of Canada and got to hear alot of great Canadian bands including Barenaked Ladies, Lowest of the Low and Moxy Fruvous.  The title comes from a Moxy Fruvous song titled "My Baby Loves a Bunch of Authors"
My sister had their CD - and I had copied it onto a tape and played it all the time in my car.  I think I could sing every line of every song from the 'Bargainville' album.  These days I get my new music info from our babysitter - she had to tell me about 'Gangnum Style'  Maybe someday I'll be back up to speed on current trends!

Sunday, November 11, 2012

Happy Halloween!

It may seem like this post is really late, seeing as how we're nearly in the middle of November, but we just had our Halloween yesterday.  On the actual Halloween night, we were still without power and trying to get a generator so we didn't lose all of the food in the refrigerators.  Trick or treating and other Halloween festivities were postponed until November 10th for our town, but then our governor confused the issue by saying that state-wide Halloween would be re-scheduled for Tuesday, November 6th.  Some of our town was still without power so despite the governor's recommendation, we waited until yesterday.  I only knew this because I found a facebook page for our town that kept updating what was going on.

We had planned quite a while ago what the babies costumes would be.  I was given a Tigger costume by my sister (I think) and then found Piglet and Pooh costumes at my MoM's club sale back last fall.  All of the costumes were 12 month size, so we thought we'd be fine.  Back in Sepember, we started to worry that they weren't going to fit in this size so the search began for the next size up for all of characters.  T's mom found Tigger first at a local consignment shop and then Tony found the other two on Ebay.  So we actually had two sets of these costumes.  We ended up using only one of the larger sizes but it was good to have on hand just in case.

We went downtown to the fire hall - where the town was having their trick-or-treating.  We got there pretty late, but we let them take their normal nap and lunch time so by the time we got out of the house, the festivities were basically over.  It was fine really because they really shouldn't be eating alot of candy - and neither should I.  We pulled them in the choo choo wagon and T's dad met us down there so he could see them in their costumes.  We went around and picked up a few things and had a few people take their picture.  I'm not really bothered by this, but I've never had anyone steal my pictures and use them as their own.  I do know someone that this happened to and it's scary to think about.

We then walked toward Cafe Napoli - they always ask about the babies every time we order so we thought it would be nice for them to see the kids.  Afterwards, we started our walk back home.  It took a bit longer than expected because it was all uphill and pulling almost 70 lbs uphill is not easy.  We took a break and took them over to see Melanie and then to T's parents.

Here are a few pictures from the afternoon:

Hurricane Sandy

Frankenstorm - or what this storm was nick-named before it was to arrive, hit New Jersey on Monday, October 29, 2012.  I have to admit that I didn't think anything of all of the weather reports and news reports several days before 'Sandy' arrived.  My excuses were my usual - we weren't affected by tropical storm 'Irene' last year - only some minor water in the basement a few days after and I'm from Buffalo.  I still recall my first winter here in NJ (2006) and remember being at work and someone hoping they would send us all home early because snow was to be expected in the afternoon.  A whole whopping 4 inches.  Yes, inches.  Being from Buffalo, I had been used to snow and used to ALOT of snow, so since that time, I've come to downplay any of the weather reports about 'bad' weather.

By the end of the work week (the week before) we were told to take our computers home just in case the building was closed or we weren't able to come in, etc.  I did as I was told, but knew in my mind, I was going to be in the office on Monday.  No way a little rain and wind was keeping me home.  Over the weekend, we did our usual business - went out to get milk and eggs from Halo Farms and even stopped at a Halloween store to pick up something for my costume (Grandma from the Addams Family).  Sunday night came without rain - I was starting to think these meteorologists really had it wrong and even as Monday morning arrived without anything to talk about, I decided to call the work weather line just to hear that we were going to open as usual.  I was wrong - and this wouldn't be the first time I would be.  Work was closed so I was able to have another whole day with my babies!  The entire day went along and I kept thinking when is this hurricane supposed to start  - and then it did.  Mid afternoon, it started raining a little.  By the evening, the wind had really picked up and I started to think that we may lose power, but probably not for too long.  Even Tony didn't think much about losing power either but just hoped that we'd get the babies fed, bathed and in bed before we did.
We did reach our goal of getting everyone in bed and were about to eat ourselves when the lights went out.  We had set out a few flashlights and candles so planned to eat romantically when we heard this big thud.  We both wondered what it could have been and as we looked out the back window, but because of the extreme darkness, we didn't see the full extent of the damage in the back yard until the next morning, but we could at least see that one of the large trees in the back yard had fallen.  Tony went outside and came back to report that actually two large trees were gone.  I just kept thinking of the other tall trees around the house and what would be their fate and the fate of the house.  We went to bed pretty late - hoping for the best.

Work was closed again and we were still without power, but luckily it wasn't too cold.  Tony went to check on his parents and came back with some sobering news that the entire town was without power and there were more than our few trees that went down.  We dealt without power the rest of the day and decided to take the babies out for a walk so the rest of us could see the rest of the carnage.  I took a few shots of the backyard, but they came out pretty dark.  I'll have to take a few more - it's all still there...probably will be for a while...

Here's the babies sitting on one of the downed trees and then a couple of the neighbors trees that came down.

Olivia wearing her miner's light while we were without power!

Sitting on the tree (didn't want them to fall), so daddy held them up.

Again, Olivia ready for the dark.

In our rain gear!

Was that tree always there?

The left side of the house (not ours)

...and the right side.

Olivia in her rain wear

Amelia in her rain wear

Little Tony in his fireman jacket (reflectors and all!)

To wrap up the storm coverage - we were without power until Saturday afternoon, but got a generator late on Wednesday night.  We spent one night over at Grandma Cz's because they had hot water and heat from their wood burning stove, but dealt with the inconvenience of no power the rest of the week.  The babies were essentially unaffected by the whole ordeal other than not getting to go out for Halloween oh and getting evacuated shortly after getting the power back due to a possible gas leak.  All was fine in the end and we were very lucky to have only lost some trees and part of our neighbors fence in light of how badly this storm hit others in the state.  Thoughts and prayers to those that lost so much more.

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Socks & Shoes

There's been so much going on, but can't quite find the time to write any of it down lately.  So I need to get some of it out of my head before I forget it and make room for other memories of my beautiful babies!
A few weeks ago, I got up to change the babies and get them started for the day before I had to go to work.  Tony had to get some blood work done at the lab about 5 minutes from home and he was going to walk them over in the stroller.  That meant that we needed long sleeves, pants, socks and shoes and of course a jacket.  It was starting to get a little chilly - especially at 8:30 in the morning.

I had already changed little Tony and Olivia - and put them in the same crib and grabbed Amelia to get her changed.  I quickly picked out some socks for each of them and threw them into the crib with O and T.  As my back was turned to change Amelia, I hear little Tony crying out and I look over and Olivia is basically laying on top of him!  I yelled at her to get off of him and she did.   Not even a minute later I see Olivia going back after Tony, but this time I noticed that she had the socks in her hand and she was going after his feet/legs!  She was trying to lift his leg up to put the socks on him.  I cracked up laughing and also felt bad that I had yelled at her for trying to help me out.  It was hilarious and amazing all at the same time.

Olivia has been the first one to understand - well, alot of things.  The first time she lifted her foot up for me to put her sock on, I was amazed.  Now I just have to tell her to sit down and show her the socks and she sits right down or she'll brace herself in the corner of her crib so she can balance on one foot to lift the other one!  She also does this with putting pants on.  It's so cute and she's growing up so fast.  I say this often - Where did my babies go?