Thursday, April 24, 2014

Happy Easter

The morning started off like most others with the exception of breakfast.  Tony's parents do a brunch for Easter and we figured that if we fed them at their normal breakfast time (around 8:30am), they wouldn't want to eat again around 10:00am.  Tony left to go to his parents to make the food and I was on my own for a couple hours.  I had been prepping the girls that they were going to be wearing their 'pretty dresses' when we go to Grandma's house for a day or two.  Every time I told them, I heard - "No dress" along with whining and crying. 
I started with little Tony- he's so easy going.  He gave me no issue with putting him in his little suit.  Amelia - wanted nothing to do with her dress.  I explained one more time that it was Grandma's choice and she at least let me put it on her, but she continued to cry and scream.  Olivia came right upstairs when I called her and acted like the dress was her long lost friend and put it on without a problem.  She opened up her shoe box and said "WOW"!  It was so funny - to me because I remember her putting up such a fuss to even try on those shoes!
I got the kids over to the house and as hungry as I thought they should be, none of them ate very much.  After the food, they went through their Easter baskets.  They each got a book and a puzzle along with bunches of chocolates and jelly beans.  Finally it was time for the Egg Hunt.  We had practiced several times over the past few days and we were pumped and ready to go.  Everyone got a bag to collect their eggs in and off they went!

Amelia getting ready to hunt for eggs!

Olivia's ready too!

My little man!

After the hunt we took a little swing together.

Amelia sitting pretty with daddy.

Amelia sporting some Batman sunglasses

Olivia found herself!

The whole egg hunting crew!

Tony playing with the train

Sunday, April 20, 2014

Me and mine

I wrote a while ago that I was going to start taking more pictures of me with the kids and I really haven't done much, but I did do some recently...

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

I'm a girl

Olivia's latest thing is running through everyone she knows and telling me if they are a boy or a girl.  Here's how the conversation goes:
Olivia:  Mommy, you a girl.
Me: Yes, I'm a girl.
Olivia: I a girl. Mia's a girl.
Me:  What is Tony?
Olivia:  Tony's a boy.
Me:  What about daddy?
Olivia:  Daddy a boy too.  Buddy's a boy and kitty's a girl.
Me:  Right!  What about Grandma and PaPa?

I think you get the gist.  She gets everyone correct and this morning after telling me that I'm a girl, she told me that I'm her friend.  I just about melted.  I also caught her singing a made up song about our fish pond and the fish!

Tony is big into playing games on my phone.  I have a few apps that he goes between.  He usually starts with a "Doctor" game - then moves onto the Dinosaur digging game.  He also likes to play the 'balloon popping' game and every now and again I catch him playing Candy Crush. 
He's also into shapes and he knows alot of them - Thanks Team Umizoomi!

Amelia lately loves hopping around like a bunny and dancing around.  She can often be seen singing any number of songs including ABC's or Twinkle Twinkle or Happy birthday (to daddy).  She's quite loquacious and enjoys sleeping in in the mornings!

I haven't had a chance to take many pictures lately, but hopefully I'll get to take some soon!