Thursday, March 3, 2016

Birthday month! (August)

August mostly consisted of getting ready for the kids 4th birthday party and getting ready for school!
It's hard to believe they're four - it feels as if it's gone by really fast, but sometimes it feels like it's taken forever!  I had heard from some of my twin mom friends that it gets a lot easier at four, but I'm still waiting for that.  I admit that it's gotten easier with somethings but harder with others.  For example, they can get themselves dressed, but will often have a tantrum, crying "I can't do it" because they don't want to!  There is so much attitude being exerted by all of them that it's sometimes hilarious to hear the things they say but also scary to hear the same things that I've been saying, come out of them!

We had a "Minion" birthday party - partly because of the new movie that was coming out around that time, but also because everyone agreed on this theme without arguing! A few days before we made sure everyone had a 'Minion' shirt to wear so we went to Target to shop and went to get some haircuts!

I had a few little things planned to do at their party - kids made their own Minion hats and could pretend they were a minion and stick their face in the hole,  and pin the bow tie on the Minion and of course since it was really warm - we had the water slide up and pool up and running.

Amici Bakery did an AWESOME job on their cake.  I gave them a few pictures from pintrest and they did a great job and gave us a great deal.

We opened up a bunch of presents and a good time was had by everyone.  We had a pinata - it seems as though I don't have any pictures of that!

We of course had to have some pictures done - the obligatory 4 year old pictures so we got some done.  They of course came out well.

                                                            Happy Birthday to us!!!