Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Through Olivia's eyes

I was changing diapers this past weekend and noticed that Olivia had the camera in her hands and could tell that she was taking pictures because it was beeping every now and again.  It's so funny to hear her comment on what she sees on the screen of the camera.  Our conversation starts with me asking what she sees.  She lets me know she sees Tony's bed and then she sees Tony's bear and then we pan over and find Amelia's (Mia's) blankie...

I love the explosion of speech that I hear from them every day.  I know others may not be able to understand them, but I do!  The other morning Olivia came in to our room and climbed up onto the bed.  Within a few minutes, Tony came in... a few minutes later, Olivia looks at me and said "When's Mia coming in?" (by the way, Mia is how Olivia says Amelia).  I replied with "I don't know, is she still sleeping?"  Tony got down from the bed and ran into his room (to check on Amelia) and within a few seconds I see him coming quietly out of their room and making sure to close the door behind him (because she was still sleeping).  I thought that was such a cute interaction that I don't want to forget :)