Sunday, February 1, 2015

just because I don't want to forget...

This afternoon I asked the kids what they wanted for lunch... everyone agreed on cereal.
When asked what cereal they each wanted Amelia replied with "sticky O's" - which I learned was what she calls Honey Nut Cheerios.  Olivia wants "pretty O's" which are Fruit Loops and Tony wanted strawberry cereal - which is Frankenberry.

The other day I was trying to teach Olivia how to NOT pee on the floor when she sits on her potty... and little Tony says "mommy, tell her to tuck her pee-pee in"

A few days ago, we had some snow so we got the kids ready to go out and 'help' me shovel.   They loved it - everyone had their own shovel.  When we were getting ready to go out the girls were describing their shovels as being pink or red or purple - of which none of them were those colors.  They were all yellow!  While we were shoveling I took a few pictures and when I was trying to take Tony's picture, he said "not too many pictures, mom I have to keep shoveling!"

Here are a few other pictures from the past week... modeling off their new bathrobes from Grandma

And finally Olivia and Tony trying on mommy's work headset.  I had to work from home the other day due to the weather so I was in the basement taking phone calls and they were running around upstairs!