Saturday, July 19, 2014

And now... something from little Tony

Tony can be the sweetest little boy.  He's the best hugger and is still the most helpful.  On the other hand, he can be the most mischievous at times and he gets away with alot because he's so darn cute and knows how to stick out his lower lip and pout.  (He doesn't always!)

So the other night while I was bathing the girls and calling for him to get in too, I discovered that he had found my camera and started snapping pictures everywhere.  I finally caught up with him hiding under his bed.  His other usual hiding spot when he's been naughty is under the kitchen table.  The only reason I knew he had the camera is because I kept seeing flashes of light!

Let's take a look at what he was able to capture!
"I present to you my clean hands!"

and now... the vacuum full or dirt and dog/cat hair!

and now... the bottom of the vacuum cleaner

and now... some items on the floor and their reflections - including my feet and legs!

and now presenting...the cat's dining area (I guess I should clean it up)

and more of the dirty cat dining area!

...a close up of daddy's dresser!

ummm I have no idea what this is!

and now a close up of the top of Roomba!

... a close up of daddy's dresser pull

a very lovely close up of my bedroom floor (cork)

and for the pièce de résistance (a) Entitled:  My Right Foot

and finally pièce de résistance (b) My Left Foot

 Tony would like to thank his sisters for keeping mommy occupied so that he could put together his masterful presentation. 

He had actually just changed the  mode on the camera to shoot video when I went to get the camera back from him - I won't share that though because it involved a few choice words on my part!

Who knows maybe he'll grow up to be a famous photographer!

Wednesday, July 2, 2014


It was bound to happen at some point.  I'd seen pictures posted of other people's kids getting into things like sugar and flour and 'decorate' the room with it.  We're usually very careful about locking things up and closing up containers but obviously not careful enough.  I put them upstairs in their room for their nap.  I even had a little talk with the usual non-nappers (Miss O and Mr. T) about not being able to go in the pool if I had to come up to their room if they got out of bed. 
After about 10 minutes, I heard some movement from their room, but didn't go up right away.  After another 5-10 minutes I decided to go up and see who was out of bed and remind them of our talk about going in the pool.  Well I was NOT prepared for what I was about to see...

I opened the door and just said Oh My God! and then I was speechless...
Is it bad that the first thing I wanted to do was get my camera to capture this moment? 
Olivia feeling bad about mess

Tony - the one who created the mess (or at least that's what Olivia told me). Please note how clean his bed is.

Powder was everywhere!

Amelia - who slept through it all!

There is still powder in the room - I haven't been able to clean it all up.  Every day since the great powder explosion, I clean up a little more.  I think it's still in the air and still settling down but I'm sure I'll eventually get it all!  We no longer keep the powder out in the open and I had a talk to Olivia about telling mommy when Tony is being naughty.  Let's hope next time - as I'm sure there will be a next time - she will!