Thursday, May 26, 2016

Pre-K - We're starting school!

It's amazing to think that Amelia, Tony and Olivia are old enough to be going to school!  Our town offers a free half day Pre-K program so we signed them up!  The day before they were to start, we did a trial run - yes I actually made them get up early on a Sunday, get dressed, eat breakfast, put on their backpacks and get out the door and walk to school.  I took this picture since I knew I likely wouldn't have time on the actual first day of school or I'd be too emotional and forget.

Here are some pictures from the real first day...

I walked them to school the first few days and I know that I cried on at least once.  They didn't cry at all but I did as they walked right in to the building and didn't look back - not a wave, not a glance, nothing.  It made me feel like they didn't need me but I guess that's what we've been prepping them for the whole summer.  The first day, it seems as though they drilled their teacher's name into their heads - Mrs. Sanger.  I remember on either their second or third day going in, there was a teacher standing in the doorway and they would ask everyone who their teacher was so they knew which way to direct them.  When the three of them walked in right after one another and each said the same name, the teacher thought they were mistaken.  I let her know that they were triplets and they all had the same teacher.  It was funny to me!

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