Monday, May 23, 2016

Other happenings in August (Sesame Place)

August was a busy month but we made time to eat!  During one of our weekend errand trips, we were driving past Tom + Chee and decided to give it a try. We're fans of the TV show Shark Tank so we knew about the place and who doesn't like grilled cheese?  I honestly can't remember the food but it must not have been that great since we haven't been back there but I don't remember it being bad.  I think it seemed a bit pricey especially with the kids in tow.
They were offering free t-shirts if you posted a selfie along with your sandwich.  So of course we did and got 3 t-shirts!

 Other random pictures - I made waffles! and we're going out to run some errands - Aren't we cute?

 Sesame Place
Olivia waiting in line for the waterslide!

Olivia with her tube!

Happy girl!

Olivia waiting for the waterslide!

The BIG family waterslide - it was really fun!

The kids and Telly

We're 4!

Ernie and Bert!

...just takin' a bath with Ernie

We saw Abby!

Posing by the HUGE birthday cake!

Tony's mom got the kids tickets for Sesame Place for their birthday gift and we wasted no time in using the tickets.  It was a weekend and a really busy day so the lines were long but we still had fun.  We did a few waterslides-including the family one.  Olivia was actually big enough (and brave enough) to go on her own.  This is where she differs from me - I would have never done that on my own at 4 years old! There was a big waterslide that Tony took the kids on - I tried - got all the way to the top and I chickened out.  I had to make the walk of shame all the way down the stairs with Amelia.  She was started crying cause she wanted to go but I just couldn't do it.  I felt so bad for her but she did eventually get to go.  Tony went about 9 times!  We did have one scare of Olivia getting lost for about about 2 minutes but we found her.  You'd think that with three adults and three kids we could keep track of each of them but it happened.  We got a bunch of pictures of the kids with the different characters - some we knew and some we didn't!  The parade was fun and the kids even met a few other kids who told them that we should come back for Halloween.  They had all of their costumes planned out.  They were going to be the Scooby Doo gang.  It was so cute to see them find other friends.  It was a tiring, hot day and I'm sure they were asleep by the time we got underway.  Our passes included a second trip - stay tuned for our second trip!

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